Power Automate Functions - URIHost (Get the Host Website from a Link)

URIHost (Get the Host Website from a Link)

In Power Automate, most of the common scenario is to extract host details URI wherein power automate can be used to form a dynamic URL to open any record from an email link which can be achieved easily using URIHost Function.

In this part of this guide, we will discuss how to get the host part from a URL





Create a new instant cloud flow and give it a name and set it manually finally hit on create button.

The same procedure as the previously we have discussed uriQuery function, two ‘compose actions’ will be added first to put URL and the second one will be used for function


 UriHost (outputs (‘Name_of_First_Compose’)

Power Automate Functions - URIHost

Here we can see the output for our flow:

Power Automate Functions - URIHost


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