Power Automate Functions - URIQuery (Get Query Parameters from a URL)

URIQuery (Get Query Parameters from a URL)

In Power Automate, most of the common scenario is to extract parameters that are present in the website URL, which can be achieved easily using the uriQuery Function as an example.

Get Query parameter from the URL contains question marks (?) and the part after it or web address

For example, you have a YouTube video URL like:






uriQuery will be used as a variable.

Navigate to power automate >> flows >> create new flow >> instant flow:

Power Automate Functions - URIQuery

Now add and compose action give it URL:

Power Automate Functions - URIQuery

uriQuery code:

uriQuery (outputs('Compose-Web_Addresss'))

Now select the save button and then click on test button >> check manually >> run flow >> done

Power Automate Functions - URIQuery


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